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June 30, 2016, 00:48



When did Ramadan become so intolerant? Turkey’s thugs are no better than China’s fasting...

Last Friday (June 17), an angry mob attacked people gathered for a listening event marking the release of Radiohead’s new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in...

Opponent or Terrorist? The dramatically changing nature of Turkish democracy

In advanced democracies, organizations and groups that were not involved in violence or gun crime are not called "terror organizations". According to laws, everyone...

Dutiful mothers or gender equality Mr & Mrs Erdoğan, Turkey can’t have both

President Recep Tayipp Erdoğan gave a speech in Istanbul on Sunday where he announced, and not for the first time, that "no Muslim family"...

What’s Behind the KRG’s Independence Bid?

Can we say Iraq’s current border claims are certain in the national awareness and the consciousness of its people? To put it simply, no....

Presidential System in Turkey, for Better or Worse?

Turkish academic and political circles have been discussing the merits of presidential systems and its suitability to Turkish political culture for decades
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Turkey’s reliance on Russian gas and how it plans to reduce it

“Turkey must decrease dependence on Russian gas and concentrate on alternative resources,” said Kenan Yavuz, the former head of SOCAR Turkey Energy and the...

Opinion: Russia and Turkey – Not restoring, but at least normalizing relations

On Sunday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a letter to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin congratulating him on Russia's National Day. Such an action...

How Trump Is Corrupting Hillary’s Administration

The scariest thing about Donald Trump’s candidacy is not that a guy like him is running for top office, but rather the disastrous impact...

A Muslim is mayor of London, could the same happen for Turkey’s minorities?

Turkish people have been talking intensively about London’s Mayoral elections, not because Turkish society is interested in British politics, but because Sadiq Khan, part...