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What’s Behind the KRG’s Independence Bid?

Can we say Iraq’s current border claims are certain in the national awareness and the consciousness of its people? To put it simply, no....

The Great Deviation in Turkish Foreign Policy

States usually pursue short-term interests instead of common regional benefits. Most states consider losses of other states as their own gain. Indeed, according to...

No German comedians faced prosecution in the making of this anecdote

Growing up in the UK, freedom of speech was something I took for granted. never thought twice about complaining about the government...

Erdoğan: The cause of Turkey’s problems, or the result?

If you are a Turkey watcher you will know that Turkish democracy is not improving, but rather declining day by day. The figures on...

Presidential System in Turkey, for Better or Worse?

Turkish academic and political circles have been discussing the merits of presidential systems and its suitability to Turkish political culture for decades
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How Trump Is Corrupting Hillary’s Administration

The scariest thing about Donald Trump’s candidacy is not that a guy like him is running for top office, but rather the disastrous impact...

A Muslim is mayor of London, could the same happen for Turkey’s minorities?

Turkish people have been talking intensively about London’s Mayoral elections, not because Turkish society is interested in British politics, but because Sadiq Khan, part...

Davutoğlu’s role in Turkish Foreign Policy

While debates continue on who will become Turkey's next Prime Minister, some Erdoğanists have criticized Ahmet Davutoğlu's achievements during his 20-month period in office,...

New Day barely dawned: here’s why UK’s latest paper closed after just two months

So, barely two months – and 50 editions – since Trinity Mirror launched its bright new newspaper venture, The New Day, the company has...

Baransu Trial and journalism in Turkey

Although the Prime Minister says, "the World's most free press is in our country" Turkey is one of the countries that press is under...